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Be prepared for any and every excursion 

Designed as an outdoor tool to allow users to be prepared for any and every situation. Almost no limit to where you can go, if you can drive there. You can live there. 

My senior thesis started with three socio-cultural trends, then a presentation on why these trends are growing and what insights were observed from the view of designers. 

Glamping: technology in camping

Extreme Therapy: next level body improvements

Indoor Herb Gardening: medical marijuana for the elderly

Moving forward with Glamping, research and various poles showed users who are expert outdoorsmen, to someone who can't stand the outdoors are very interested in Glamping. 

Key elements that came forth through weeks of research were:





   "no limits"

Incorporating all these elements ended with Alfresco's fruition. An elegant, sporty outdoor tool that can go anywhere you can go. Suited with water storage, cooktops, running water, showers, sleeping quarters and air conditioning. Alfresco can accompany you on the most rigorous outdoor adventures, or help you show off tailgating like never before. 


Travel in safety, comfort and style. Travel in Alfresco. 

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