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L Instillation:

Furniture Design

Designed for a family of four, this permanent home instillation allowed for a very high traffic area of the home to not only gain a very comfortable and efficient dinning area, but also lose no function in the room.


With this in mind, coat racks on the bench were added, storage underneath for shoes and of course, the compartment spaces are a must.  

Plenty of space underneath the seating areas allow for this room to be well traveled, and clutter free easily. A place for coats, caps, and shoes, this piece doesn't only bring a previously temporary feeling room to completion, but also helps keep the rest of the house clean. 

Made from birch plywood and redwood accents, the design challenge of this room was to, as said before, keep the room easily maneuverable but also create a family area where dinners can be enjoyed and memories created. 

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